About Us


YuKosh Catering blends and emphasizes flavors of the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. Executive Chef Sherie leads the YuKosh team to ensure delectable cuisines  appealing to eyes and palette.

An event catered by YuKosh  Catering is culinary artistry, uniquely created to impress an audience of one or thousands.

YuKosh  is where Caribbean Cuisine meets and embraces old and new world flavors tantalizing the tongue!

Corporate events, weddings, parties or an intimate dinner for the family can be designed for  you.  Casual or full service dining are our specialties.

We are:

  • Committed to service, safety and freshness
  • Internationally trained with a flair for the creative
  • Commended for punctuality, professionalism, and tantalizing tastes
  • Entree, pastry and culinary Artistes
  • Family owned and operated