Clients Said



“I have known Chef Sherie for what seems like a lifetime and she has only gotten better. Her creativity and attention to detail is only reminiscent of how great and passionate a Chef she is. She is a magician who can bring pastry to life and whose dishes will transport you to places you only dream of. ”  Kelly Flemming (Life-Long Foodie).  February, 2012

“At YuKosh, their cooking and baking skills go above and beyond the call of cooking! Their specialty dishes are DIVINE- Mouth watering & the baked treats are moist and sweet! I’ve tasted many of their dishes and I’ll always go with YuKosh for any and all of my gatherings. Deliciouso!” Monika T.T.  July 2012

“Sherie has been my number 1 Chef for 3 yrs now. Her food is amazingly delicious! I’ll recommend her services to everyone!” Myriam N. January 2013

“As a busy professional working between 12 – 18 hrs,  5 days a week it is a pleasure to come home to a cooked meal, YuKosh provides me healthy meals, delivered 3 times each week. Thank you for putting up with my peculiarity and providing me with well balanced meals. -Excellent!”  Jino S.  March 2013

“Everything was delicious. It is so reassuring to know that you are consistently amazing and you do not disappoint. I know that I can tell you what I want and I know that you’ll deliver. If you ever need a reference I’m there!” Rosanna R. April 2013

” I use YuKosh for personal and professional events.  They are my go-to caterers.  I have used them for client events and my kids birthday parties and everyone is always pleased with the food, service and presentation.  - Love me some YuKosh!” – Andrea J.  July 2013